The sustainable product; offal is making a come back, and impresses at the best of restaurants. A unique product, with a unique flavour that has been understated in years gone by. Offal is highly nutritious product with the majority offering excellent sources of Vitamin A, Iron and Zinc.


  • Ox Kidney

    Ox Kidney

    Our ox kidney is a perfect adding to stews, pies and casseroles. It gives the dishes the old-fashioned home-style flavour.

    • Fully-matured grass-fed beef
    • Rich intense flavour
    • Soft and tender
  • Ox Tail

    Ox Tail

    The most unctuous flavoursome cut of beef. This is best slowly braised for two and a half hours until the meat falls off the bone allowing a release of rich flavours.

    • Priced per Kilo
    • Rich intense taste
    • Savoury and flavoursome
  • Calves Liver

    Calves Liver

    Extremely tender calf liver has a sweet taste and well-rounded flavour. Be sure not to overcook it, it is ready in a matter of minutes.

    • Top quality grass-fed calf
    • Moist succulent meat
    • Well trimmed