Beef Rump Mini Roast

Beef Rump Mini Roast

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Product Description

Beef toprump is a very lean cut of beef, ideal for slow roasting. It is a great option for pot roasting too, as the lean meat can be kept moist.

  • Serves 2
  • Rich intense taste
  • Convenient, ready to cook
  • Recommended

  • Chicken Kebabs

    Chicken Kebabs

    Chicken kebabs are small chunks of delicate chicken meat on a wooden skewer. They can be served with a variety of dips, hot or cold. Great as a party snack.

    • Naturally plump meat
    • Minimum 50 day lifespan of the chicken to allow the meat to develop naturally
    • 100% free range
  • Fillet Tenderloin 12oz

    Fillet Tenderloin 12oz

    Lean tender and succulent , this boasts the finest of pork cuts. A good one for the calorie controlled diet, whilst still enjoying the benefits of excellent taste.

    • 2-3 Servings per pack
    • Sweet juicy meat
    • Mouthwatering flavour
  • Honey Roast Ham (Cooked and Sliced)

    Honey Roast Ham (Cooked and Sliced)

    This cooked ham is wet cured and has the perfect balance of salty and sweet taste. Sliced and is ready to be served in seconds.

    • Top quality prime pork
    • Beautifully trimmed
    • Mouthwatering flavour