Beef Rump Mini Roast

Beef Rump Mini Roast

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A lean cut, ideal for a pot roast
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Beef toprump is a very lean cut of beef, ideal for slow roasting. It is a great option for pot roasting too, as the lean meat can be kept moist.

  • Serves 2
  • Rich intense taste
  • Convenient, ready to cook
  • Recommended

  • Hereford T Bone Steak - 4 x 16oz

    Hereford T Bone Steak - 4 x 16oz

    These large bone-in steaks have a portion of sirloin on one side of the bone, and tender fillet on the other side. One for the Steak lover. Dry matured for up to 28 days; the fillet and sirloin side by side.

    • Rich intense taste
    • Serves 4
    • Succulent meaty flavour
  • Rib Eye Steak - 4 x 8oz

    Rib Eye Steak - 4 x 8oz

    The tastiest of Steaks, the inner circle of fat gives you that supreme succulent taste, the Ribeye steak is called 'butchers' favourite steak. Combining several muscles, with distinctive marbleing and a seam of fat in the middle, these steaks are full of flavour.

    • Serves 4
    • Rich intense taste
    • Succulent meaty flavour
  • Beef Rustic Steak Burgers 170g ( 6oz ) - Pack of 14

    Beef Rustic Steak Burgers 170g ( 6oz ) - Pack of 14

    Made from our fresh Beef Chuck to our own recipe. There is no better tasting burger, you’ll be back for more.

    • Pack of 14 Burgers at 170g per burger
    • Rich meaty flavour
    • A firm, juicy bite
  • Fresh Turkey Crown

    Fresh Turkey Crown

    Turkey breast is the most versatile turkey portion. They are great to always have in your freezer to be able to cook a huge variety of dishes. Turkey crown is a large portion, which contains nothing but the white breast meat. Ideal when you want a holiday dish, but do not need a whole bird.

    • Plump and tender meat
    • Meat matured in a natural way
    • 100% free range
  • Leg  ( Carvery Cut ) – 2.5 Kilos

    Leg ( Carvery Cut ) – 2.5 Kilos

    The tender sweet taste of our lamb with mint sauce; We don’t think you could choose better for a traditional Sunday Roast.

    • Part Boned for easy carving
    • Tender succulent meat
    • Approx weight 2.5 Kilos
  • Belly


    One of the tastiest of pork cuts. Tender meat producing perfect cracking, a traditional cut, one kilo serves 4.

    • Top quality prime pork
    • Moist juicy meat
    • Serves 4 people
  • Veal Escalopes

    Veal Escalopes

    Enjoy these tender veal escalopes cut from free-range veal.

    • Take minutes to cook
    • Free-range grass-fed veal
    • Hand-finished by our butchers
  • Parma Ham Sliced 80g

    Parma Ham Sliced 80g

    This traditional Italian uncooked dry-cured ham is a real treat. Enjoy it as an appetizer or use in a variety of dishes to add that unforgettable intense flavour.

    • Top quality prime pork
    • Beautifully trimmed
    • Mouthwatering flavour
  • Gammon Steak

    Gammon Steak

    Our gammon steaks have the perfect balance of salty and sweet taste. Tastes great sliced on a sandwich or makes a quick tasty meal.

    • Top quality prime pork
    • Beautifully trimmed
    • Mouthwatering flavour