Beef Rump Mini Roast

Beef Rump Mini Roast

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Product Description

Beef toprump is a very lean cut of beef, ideal for slow roasting. It is a great option for pot roasting too, as the lean meat can be kept moist.

  • Serves 2
  • Rich intense taste
  • Convenient, ready to cook
  • Recommended

  • Rump - 4 x 8oz

    Rump - 4 x 8oz

    A flavoursome luxurious piece of lamb, giving you a feeling of warmth and contentment!

    • Serves 4
    • Tender succulent meat
    • Tasty flavour
  • Bacon Back Rashers (Rindless) - 2.27 kilos

    Bacon Back Rashers (Rindless) - 2.27 kilos

    Our bacon is made from the best pork. It is traditionally smoked and has a tasty aroma. Makes great breakfast food.

    • Top quality prime pork
    • Moist succulent meat
    • Mouthwatering flavour
  • Free Range Whole Chicken - 1.5 kilos

    Free Range Whole Chicken - 1.5 kilos

    Our Free Range Worcestershire Chickens are naturally reared and grown in their own time without the use of growth promoters. You will find our chickens to be the juiciest, most delicious tasting birds you’ve ever tried.

    • Naturally plump meat
    • Minimum 50 day lifespan of the chicken to allow the meat to develop naturally
    • 100% free range
    • Priced by 1.5 Kilo