Beef Rump Mini Roast

Beef Rump Mini Roast

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Product Description

Beef toprump is a very lean cut of beef, ideal for slow roasting. It is a great option for pot roasting too, as the lean meat can be kept moist.

  • Serves 2
  • Rich intense taste
  • Convenient, ready to cook
  • Recommended

  • Leg  ( Carvery Cut ) – 2.5 Kilos

    Leg ( Carvery Cut ) – 2.5 Kilos

    The tender sweet taste of our lamb with mint sauce; We don’t think you could choose better for a traditional Sunday Roast.

    • Part Boned for easy carving
    • Tender succulent meat
    • Approx weight 2.5 Kilos
  • Shank - Pack of 6

    Shank - Pack of 6

    Slow roasting until the sweet tasting meat is falling off the bone. A treat for any individual.

    • 6 Portions
    • Tender succulent meat
    • Tasty flavour
  • Rib Eye Roll - 1.5 kilos

    Rib Eye Roll - 1.5 kilos

    A sweet tasting joint with a ring of inner fat that keeps it moist, this comes as a rindless joint.

    • Served in 1.5 Kilo Packs
    • Sweet juicy meat
    • Mouthwatering flavour