Beef Silverside Salmon Cut

Beef Silverside Salmon Cut

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Easy carving and economical
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£8.45  Per KG


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Ideal as a slow pot roasting joint; this one muscle joint is easy carving and economical for a large family choice.

  • Minimum 2 Kilo joint
  • Rich intense taste
  • Convenient, ready to cook
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  • Rib Eye Steak - 6 x 6oz

    Rib Eye Steak - 6 x 6oz

    The tastiest of Steaks, the inner circle of fat gives you that supreme succulent taste, ( the butchers Steak ).

    • Serves 6
    • Rich intense taste
    • Succulent meaty flavour
  • Duck Breast Maigret

    Duck Breast Maigret

    Duck breast cooks quickly and easily. You can pan-fry them, the meat stays pink and juicy when the skin is crisp and golden.

    • From the heaviest, force-fed birds
    • 100% free range for the best texture
    • Firm and full of flavour
  • Guinea Fowl (French) - 1.2 kilo

    Guinea Fowl (French) - 1.2 kilo

    A mild Gamey taste; this bird is something different for the chicken lovers, so should suit just about everyone.

    • Served in 1.2kilo packs
    • Intense gamey flavour
    • Tender juicy meat
  • Scotch Pheasant ( 900g)

    Scotch Pheasant ( 900g)

    Popular during the shooting season, (may contain lead shot). Covered in streaky bacon to help with roasting. Served with Chestnut stuffing and port and chestnut sauce will bring out the full flavour of this bird.

    • Priced per 900g
    • Intense gamey flavour
    • Tender juicy meat
  • Fresh Turkey Crown

    Fresh Turkey Crown

    Turkey breast is the most versatile turkey portion. They are great to always have in your freezer to be able to cook a huge variety of dishes. Turkey crown is a large portion, which contains nothing but the white breast meat. Ideal when you want a holiday dish, but do not need a whole bird.

    • Plump and tender meat
    • Meat matured in a natural way
    • 100% free range
  • Noisette - 12 x 2oz

    Noisette - 12 x 2oz

    The loin eye rolled in a covering; a touch of finer dining. A tender cut of meat that will tickle the taste buds of any pallet.

    • 12x 2oz Servings
    • Tender succulent meat
    • A meaty juicy bite
  • Leg Boneless - 2 Kilo Joint

    Leg Boneless - 2 Kilo Joint

    A succulent joint covered in a scored rind, ready for crackling. Ideal for your Sunday roast with traditional apple sauce.

    • 2 Kilo Pack
    • Sweet juicy meat
    • Mouthwatering flavour
  • Loin (Boneless) - 2 kilo Joint

    Loin (Boneless) - 2 kilo Joint

    The more popular of roasting joints comes with rind, which protects and bastes through cooking. This is a prime lean cut that is highly rated for the Sunday Roast.

    • Served in 2 Kilo Packs
    • Sweet juicy meat
    • Mouthwatering flavour
  • 1lb Pork Pie

    1lb Pork Pie

    Our pork pies are made using only the best British pork. The meat is chopped and seasoned with a special blend of salt and pepper. We do not add preservatives, flavour enhancers or hydrogenated fats.


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