Beef Silverside Salmon Cut

Beef Silverside Salmon Cut

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Easy carving and economical
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£8.45  Per KG


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Ideal as a slow pot roasting joint; this one muscle joint is easy carving and economical for a large family choice.

  • Minimum 2 Kilo joint
  • Rich intense taste
  • Convenient, ready to cook
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  • Beef Steak Diced Cuts

    Beef Steak Diced Cuts

    Sealed and braised with vegetables, this would make a hearty casserole or stew for any family.

    • 1 Kilo Serving
    • Intense meaty taste
    • Economical cut
    • Our price is by the KG
  • Organic Mince Beef

    Organic Mince Beef

    Minced beef is convenient and easy to cook, perfect for making family favourites as spaghetti bolognese, chili con carne or cottage pie. Rich full flavor of beef and convenience and simplicity of cooking.

    • Grass-fed beef, fully matured
    • Organically sourced meat
    • For nutricious and versatile home meals
  • Fillet Steak Medallions - 8 x 4oz

    Fillet Steak Medallions - 8 x 4oz

    The most tender of all steaks; these are 21 day aged Hereford Steaks. The classic premium steak with the tenderest flavour. All excess fat and silverskin are trimmed for you to enjoy the perfect beef fillet steak.

    • Rich intense taste
    • Tender grass-fed beef, fully matured
    • Serving 8
  • Scotch Pheasant ( 900g)

    Scotch Pheasant ( 900g)

    Popular during the shooting season, (may contain lead shot). Covered in streaky bacon to help with roasting. Served with Chestnut stuffing and port and chestnut sauce will bring out the full flavour of this bird.

    • Priced per 900g
    • Intense gamey flavour
    • Tender juicy meat
  • Fresh Duck,(Whole).Prepared

    Fresh Duck,(Whole).Prepared

    Whole free-range duck with wonderfully moist flesh is delicious to roast for a family meal. You can also use them over a few days making different dishes. Fully prepared, you just need to put it in the oven.

    • Tender juicy meat
    • 100% free range for the best texture
    • Firm and full of flavour
  • Chicken Drumsticks

    Chicken Drumsticks

    Chicken drumstics are the most popular portion of chicken served at a buffet or a party. Compact meaty pieces of chicken legs with a bone, they can be served hot or cold with a variety of dips and marinades.

    • Naturally plump meat
    • Minimum 50 day lifespan of the chicken to allow the meat to develop naturally
    • 100% free range
  • Shank - Pack of 6

    Shank - Pack of 6

    or Slow roasting until the sweet tasting meat is falling off the bone. A treat for any individual.

    • 6 Portions
    • Tender succulent meat
    • Tasty flavour
  • Burgers – Minted/ Coriander 14 x 6oz

    Burgers – Minted/ Coriander 14 x 6oz

    Made in house from lean lamb shoulder cuts. Made to our own recipe, these not disappoint at any BBQ.

    • Served in packs of 14
    • Tender succulent meat
    • A meaty juicy bite
  • Free Range Whole Chicken - 1.5 kilos

    Free Range Whole Chicken - 1.5 kilos

    Our Free Range Worcestershire Chickens are naturally reared and grown in their own time without the use of growth promoters. You will find our chickens to be the juiciest, most delicious tasting birds you’ve ever tried.

    • Naturally plump meat
    • Minimum 50 day lifespan of the chicken to allow the meat to develop naturally
    • 100% free range
    • Priced by 1.5 Kilo

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