Rump Steak - 4 x 9oz

Rump Steak - 4 x 9oz

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An excellent frying steak
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An excellent Frying Steak. Dry, matured for texture and taste, with a hearty beefy taste.

  • Serves 4
  • Rich meaty flavour
  • Tender and succulent
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  • Hereford T Bone Steak - 4 x 16oz

    Hereford T Bone Steak - 4 x 16oz

    These large bone-in steaks have a portion of sirloin on one side of the bone, and tender fillet on the other side. One for the Steak lover. Dry matured for up to 28 days; the fillet and sirloin side by side.

    • Rich intense taste
    • Serves 4
    • Succulent meaty flavour
  • Fillet Steak - 6 x 6oz

    Fillet Steak - 6 x 6oz

    The most tender of all steaks; these are 21 day aged Hereford Steaks. The classic premium steak with the tenderest flavour. All excess fat and silverskin are trimmed for you to enjoy the perfect beef fillet steak.

    • Rich intense taste
    • Tender grass-fed beef, fully matured
    • Serves 6
  • Minced Lamb - Lean

    Minced Lamb - Lean

    From the fresh cuts of the shoulder. This makes a tasty alternative to Minced Beef and great in Lamb Moussaka, Shepherd’s pie and Minted lamb Burgers.

    • Priced per Kilo
    • Moist succulent meat
    • Tender juicy bite
  • Noisette - 12 x 2oz

    Noisette - 12 x 2oz

    The loin eye rolled in a covering; a touch of finer dining. A tender cut of meat that will tickle the taste buds of any pallet.

    • 12x 2oz Servings
    • Tender succulent meat
    • A meaty juicy bite
  • Ox Kidney

    Ox Kidney

    Our ox kidney is a perfect adding to stews, pies and casseroles. It gives the dishes the old-fashioned home-style flavour.

    • Fully-matured grass-fed beef
    • Rich intense flavour
    • Soft and tender
  • Ox Tail

    Ox Tail

    The most unctuous flavoursome cut of beef. This is best slowly braised for two and a half hours until the meat falls off the bone allowing a release of rich flavours.

    • Priced per Kilo
    • Rich intense taste
    • Savoury and flavoursome
  • Calves Liver

    Calves Liver

    Extremely tender calf liver has a sweet taste and well-rounded flavour. Be sure not to overcook it, it is ready in a matter of minutes.

    • Top quality grass-fed calf
    • Moist succulent meat
    • Well trimmed
  • Cooked Sliced Wiltshire Ham (500g)

    Cooked Sliced Wiltshire Ham (500g)

    This cooked gammon ham is wet cured and has the perfect balance of salty and sweet taste. Sliced and is ready to be served in seconds.

    • Top quality prime pork
    • Beautifully trimmed
    • Mouthwatering flavour
  • T Bone Steak - 4 x 9oz

    T Bone Steak - 4 x 9oz

    Pork T Bone with the Loin and Tenderloin, ample for the Pork Lover.

    • 4 pack of 240g

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