Rump Steak - 4 x 9oz

Rump Steak - 4 x 9oz

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An excellent frying steak
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An excellent Frying Steak. Dry, matured for texture and taste, with a hearty beefy taste.

  • Serves 4
  • Rich meaty flavour
  • Tender and succulent
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  • Fresh Duck,(Whole).Prepared

    Fresh Duck,(Whole).Prepared

    Whole free-range duck with wonderfully moist flesh is delicious to roast for a family meal. You can also use them over a few days making different dishes. Fully prepared, you just need to put it in the oven.

    • Tender juicy meat
    • 100% free range for the best texture
    • Firm and full of flavour
  • Corn Fed Chicken Supreme - Pack of 6

    Corn Fed Chicken Supreme - Pack of 6

    Yellow in colour, these corn fed Supremes have a taste of their own, a popular one for the dinner parties, and tasty to.

    • Served in packs of 6
    • Corn-fed chicken with beautifully golden meat
    • Ready to cook with the skin on, for creating rich taste
  • Shoulder (Carvery Cut) - 1.5 kilos

    Shoulder (Carvery Cut) - 1.5 kilos

    Part boned easy carving; our shoulders are beautifully tender with great flavour; a minted stuffing can be added to give your joint that added taste…beautiful!!

    • 1.5kg Serving
    • Tender succulent meat
    • Lower price
  • Leg Boneless - 2 Kilo Joint

    Leg Boneless - 2 Kilo Joint

    A succulent joint covered in a scored rind, ready for crackling. Ideal for your Sunday roast with traditional apple sauce.

    • 2 Kilo Pack
    • Sweet juicy meat
    • Mouthwatering flavour
  • Escalope ( Chump ) - 4 x 8oz

    Escalope ( Chump ) - 4 x 8oz

    Tender and lean, these are evenly battened out for tenderness. This makes a quick and easy dish for pan frying.

    • Served in 4x225g (8oz) packs
    • Free-range pork
    • Hand-finished by our butchers
  • Veal Escalopes

    Veal Escalopes

    Enjoy these tender veal escalopes cut from free-range veal.

    • Take minutes to cook
    • Free-range grass-fed veal
    • Hand-finished by our butchers
  • Bacon Back Rashers (Rindless) - 2.27 kilos

    Bacon Back Rashers (Rindless) - 2.27 kilos

    Our bacon is made from the best pork. It is traditionally smoked and has a tasty aroma. Makes great breakfast food.

    • Top quality prime pork
    • Moist succulent meat
    • Mouthwatering flavour
  • Valentine Steaks - 8 x 3oz

    Valentine Steaks - 8 x 3oz

    So called for their shape, cut from the loin. Ideal for the Romantic!

    • 8 Portions
    • Tender succulent meat
    • A firm juicy bite
  • Lamb Liver

    Lamb Liver

    Fresh and sliced into 3/4oz portions. High in protein and packed with vitamins, a classic with onions and delicious.

    • Priced per kilo
    • Intense taste

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